'Tis the Season

Dec 11, 2012


There's nothing that smells "Christmas" more than the aroma of Douglas Firs lined for miles here in the Pacific Northwest.  It was nothing short of pure delight capturing moments with this family of 3.

I didn't know what was cute until I saw a 2 year old running in a velvet blue blazer towards his daddy.

We must have put this candy cane on the tree over 10 times for this shot, and he reached with pure joy every single time!  So stinkin cute!


I love photographing families!  Christmas card season is one of my favorites to be doing what I do.  It's the moments I get to revel in the sweet and tender looks exchanged between two lovers and the giddy goofy smiles of little children.  Sigh.  Happy Holidays to you and yours.