lazy Saturday afternoon

Model : Hayley Ann


untitled shoot-073.jpg

Gosh, where do I even start?  I'm finishing my publication photography class this week.  I can't believe it's been 6 weeks already!  Time sure does move quickly when you're doing something you love.  For me, I love taking photos!  And more so, I love photographing the tenderness, the elegance, the strength of a woman.  I believe I have photographed every girlfriend and female cousin I know!  This is Hayley.  I met her several years ago and I never forgot her face, her story, and her shear talent for interior design!  Her boyfriend Sean McGrath sings ever so sweetly and is also doing movie production here in Seattle.  Talk about a dynamic duo!  Ok, I'll just shut up now and let you drool at these photos, like I am!

untitled shoot-136.jpg
untitled shoot-027.jpg
untitled shoot-018.jpg
untitled shoot-143.jpg
untitled shoot-175.jpg
untitled shoot-268.jpg
untitled shoot-468.jpg
untitled shoot-373.jpg
untitled shoot-440.jpg
untitled shoot-108-2.jpg
untitled shoot-127-2.jpg
untitled shoot-122-2.jpg
untitled shoot-136-2.jpg
untitled shoot-043-2.jpg
untitled shoot-541.jpg