Tyler Henry

If you follow my photos, you will most likely get to know this face.  Tyler is a dear friend of mine who wears quite a few hats and obviously, doesn't take a bad photo (Jealous).  I've known Ty for about 5 years and since then, he's been a part of my close community here in Seattle.  I remember when I first met him, he was holding a 2 minute handstand on the top of a sitting bench on Alki beach.  Growing up doing gymnastics myself, I immediately was hooked!  Later I found out that he teaches circus at SANCA (School of Acrobatics & New Circus Arts) as well as getting his Masters In Counseling at The Seattle School.  His hope has been to combine movement with therapy and I just think this is such a rad and creative endeavor!  

When I need a male model to shoot, I always grab Tyler.  He's always open to being a part of my shoots!  Recently, I've began to dive deeper into the hope of getting my work published for Fashion Editorial and I can't be more excited about how my process is going!  I'm on week 4 of my From Inspiration to Publication class and I'm learning a ton!  I would strongly encourage all of you photographers out there to check out The Define School  for furthering your education in this field!

Here's just a few photos from last week's shoot



untitled shoot-397.jpg
untitled shoot-396.jpg
untitled shoot-427.jpeg
untitled shoot-428.jpg
untitled shoot-430.jpg