Cristy and Toby

untitled shoot-014.jpg

There's one thing I pride myself on with my photography business, and that is having the fastest turn around of anyone I know!   I'm one of those people who literally CAN'T WAIT to come home and edit the photos immediately after the shoot and usually deliver them the following day, if not the day of!  I know I know…that's nuts, but I feel like I get a high from it.  And I get to make some clients VERY happy by the quick delivery! Saying that, earlier today I had such a wonderful photo shoot with the sweetest duo.  One of them was short, black, and hairy with a grey beard…and the other is just STUNNING if I do say so myself.  They both live in my neighborhood here in Seattle and I see them walking together and talking together just about everyday.  We decided to have the shoot right here where they take their walks.  This is Cristy and her 12 year old dog, Toby.  Enjoy.

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