This dark and stormy city, Seattle

February 24, 2013


This is my dark and stormy city, Seattle.  This is home.  People ask me all the time, "How can you live in that grey and rainy city?"  I'll tell you how.  This city is small and cozy enough that I feel held tightly by its cobble stone streets, quaint neighborhoods, and a plethora of  sweet and charming cafes.  My creative self thrives here and so does my taste buds!  I've never lived in a city that has an array of organic farm raised food that can serve just about any diet and food allergy out there!  If you're from here, your'e probably laughing by now.  This is communion at my church.  "If you have a gluten intolerance...please stand to the right where you can receive a gluten free waver.  If you have an allergy to phosphate, please drink of the glass with grape juice.  Come as you are able." 


This is how people know Seattle, the Pike Place Market.  During the day you'll find fish being thrown, buskers singing songs while hula hooping, and an assortment of handmade art.  At night, a different story.  The alley's are lined with amazing restaurants such as The Pink Door or dimly lit bars such as the Alibi Room.  Across the street is the Showbox, a local venue where you can check out Seattle's remarkable music scene.  I strolled through here last night on way to listen to the sounds of Kris Orlowski.