April 2, 2013

6/52 : Peter Segerstrom


As I travel I come across heaps of  faces, I engage in countless conversations.  Each country I visit is marked by the stories that have been told to me and the ones I have shared.  When I'm traveling, I have a rule that goes something like this, "When you meet someone on your travels, you are only allowed to take them in for that day.  The next day move on. Continue to be open to new people, new faces, new stories.  Never hang on too tightly or you might miss what's up ahead."  Some people might agree with this idea, and others may not.  I personally am challenged by it and find novelty to be quite exhilarating.  I met Peter Segerstrom last summer when my friend Angie and I went tromping all over Europe and the Middle East.  Her and I had to part ways and so the last day I was in Berlin, the airport spit out this wonder of a man.  I was immediately drawn to his mind.  I remember sitting across from him on the bus as he looked out the window and I was wondering what he was reading from the world around him.  Later I heard about the music he produces from his loft apartment in Brooklyn and that he's also a visual artist who just recently helped build out an installation at the Denver Art Museum called "Transposition" in the fuse box space.  A few days ago, on my NYC vacation, I got to have lunch with Peter and well, this face should explain it all.  Heartfelt, imaginative, gentle, unassuming.  I guess I broke my rule this time.  woops.

  *This post is part of the 52 portrait series: a portrait, once a week, every week, in 2013.*