June 4, 2013

10/52 : Portraits a week

I'm back!  I've been shooting non stop and capturing some KILLER moments the past few months!  Now, I'm a bit (a lot a bit) behind with editing but tonight I sat down and felt inspired to catch up!  Of course I didn't begin with the first job, but more of the last person I shot.  A very wittle wittle monster....who's nickname is "the boss."  Don't you love him already?!  I get to nanny for a young, hip, and recently arrived family from New York.  Although I'm busy with music, my private practice, and photography, once you see this little man, you'll understand why I have chosen to work with them.  Ladies and gentlemen......The Boss.

untitled shoot-059.jpg
untitled shoot-063.jpg
untitled shoot-064.jpg
untitled shoot-065.jpg
untitled shoot-061.jpg
untitled shoot-080.jpg
untitled shoot-081.jpg
untitled shoot-094.jpg

So there you have it!  I've got some fun little ones I'm shooting this summer as well!  I'm excited about showing you all what's up ahead!  Shoot me an email if you want to book a summer family session! 

*This post is part of the 52 portrait series: a portrait, once a week, every week, in 2013.*