Getting out of town

Edison, WA

September 23, 2013

Getting out of town.  This is what I resort to when life starts crowding in on me and I just need a little space.  Some place to slow down, to take a walk, and breathe in the crisp air of the northwest.  Just a few days ago, a close friend of mine received tragic news that caused all of our hearts to drop 100 feet below the earth.   I needed to breathe deeply, so I did what I do best.  I grabbed my camera and jumped in my jeep and headed north.


I opted not to take the main freeway, only the back roads.  Doesn't it feel good to take back roads?  It means you have learned your city and it belongs to you now.  There's something about seeing a 35 MPH sign that not only causes me to physically slow down, but everything inside me slows down.  I rolled down my windows and stuck my arm out (like I did when I was a kid) and I took in a deep breathe and let it all out.


My friend Jen showed me this quaint little town a few years back and since then, I've waited to return.  It's about 75 miles north of Seattle.  It's lined with corn and lettuce fields miles long.  Wild rabbits hop over the narrow roads and spotted horses stare at the newcomers driving by.  The neighbors are all working on their land and collecting firewood for the winter season.  A sweet and pleasant town this is.


I've been wanting to take my camera on a little road trip and use it as a journal to tell a story (which is what I'm hoping this blog post does for you).  I found a little bakery to park in front of and I started my walk down the quiet gravel road.


Most of you that know me know that I never meet a stranger.  I'm always excited to connect and hear stories of who people are and where they are from.  On my walk, I met a lovely woman working away, pulling weeds in her lush green front yard.  She had an old wooden table in front of her plantation-like home that read, "4 flowers for a dollar."  I knew I wasn't in the city anymore.  She invited me to her flower garden around back and we ended up talking about life and love and mothers and daughters for about an hour.  She had a beautiful cat (even though I'm not too fond of cats) with the bluest eyes I've ever seen.  Her husband, of over 40 years, was chopping and collecting wood for their home.  I left her home feeling like a part of me got quenched. 


I started getting hungry and I was eager to get to one of my favorite restaurants in the Northwest called, "Tweets."  It's ran by a lovely couple, Charles and David and their food is simply mouth watering!  The inside is cozy and inviting.  Each piece of artwork and furniture have been hand picked by this lovely couple to give this warm and comfortable restaurant an eclectic and winsome feel.  Try it for yourself and get swept away by their scrumptious desserts and homemade chai!


I would stop here, but I'm not finished....with the block in this little town.  If you keep walking up the street, you'll find a little bakery called, "Breadfarm" that has become quite popular.  It has the tattiest  coconut macaroons and the most delicious fresh baked bread you have E V E R had in your entire life!  I had to stop in and grab some treats for my drive home.