Get out your boots!

September 30, 2013

Megan Peters:  13/52 Portraits a week

Fall has finally arrived here in Seattle and with it comes the wet drops of rain and the cozy sweaters and the hot tea and hopefully a partner to snuggle up with near the fireplace.  Cabins begin to be rented and slowly but surely, we switch out our 3 months summer clothes for our 9 month winter boots and sweaters.  We are always affected by the seasons.  Whether we want change or not, it happens all around us.  Fall brings us back to ourselves.  It asks us to come home, to get cozy inside and to slow down.  There is one tender woman who stands out to me as someone who has the ability to sit in such a cozy way that invites all my vulnerability to come out from its cave.  She is a singer, a writer, and art editor for "Lit" magazine.  Her name is Megan Peters and I love her dearly.  The coolest part about her is that she lives across the street from me, so I get to see all the time!  Wait, one more amazing thing about Megan is that she dies her own hair!  You'll see how stunning of a job it is in the photos.  Ok, I'm done for now.  We did this fashion shoot right around the corner here in our quaint neighborhood of Queen Anne.  Enjoy.


*This post is part of the 52 portrait series: a portrait, once a week, every week