A new year

It’s always a strange thing to write out the new year. Back in the 80’s I remember thinking that by the time the 20th century came we would all be driving around in cars that hover above the ground and it would basically be like the cartoon, “The Jetsons.” And, here I am...sitting cozy in one of my favorite Seattle coffee shops, bundled with peppermint tea, with no hovering car and it’s the year 2014.

 I woke up this morning taking deep breathes. And as I exhaled, I felt unencumbered. I love that the calendar starts over, and that we get so many January 1st. Again and again, the number 1 resets our hearts, provides us with a novel road to travel down, and we can breathe out the deaths of last year in hopes for new life. What do I want this year to give life to?

This last year I not only lost loves, but grieved alongside my dear friends as they lost their children, their partners, and their dreams. Death. So heavy and yet it’s always there, slowing us down and asking us to sit and be present to ourselves. I know this year is bound to hold deaths again and when it comes, I’ll cross over that sorrowful bridge holding the rusted memories of the past.

2013 was a revelatory year for me. I grew closer to myself and became my own best friend. I loved myself this year, held myself this year, grieved on my own behalf, fought for my heart, and dreamed for myself this year. I grew to be more grounded and centered.  I tethered myself to a power and greatness bigger than I. I soaked in the awe of this state, of the mountains, rivers, and dirt roads. I drove in wonder as I adventured across towering cliffs overlooking gushing waterfalls and flowing rivers. It was a good year indeed.