My Tyler Shoot

I had such an amazing weekend of shooting!  There was something about being back in Nashville that put the inspiration back in my bones and now I'm feeling full and ready to embark on a new photo adventure!  More to come on that later!

So this is Tyler.  If you have been to my site before, you'll recognize his face.  It's nice to have a friend who's up for anything, let alone posing for fashion and lifestyle shoots of mine!  What can I say about this man?  He is slow to speak and quick to love.  He's become a close friend of mine throughout the last years and we have been a part of one another's growth towards healing and life.  Get used to his face, because I'm sure you'll see it pretty often!

This past Saturday was WINDY, rainy, and cold!  But, that didn't stop us!  We had fun with it!  A dear hairstylist friend of mine, Michael who works at Milagros Salon joined us for a speedy photo shoot at Pike Place!  I feel like Tyler's hair needs it's own blog, ha ha!  He has hair that we are all jealous of…sigh.  Ok, here you go!

untitled shoot-068-2.jpg
untitled shoot-087-2.jpg
untitled shoot-123-2.jpg
untitled shoot-061-2.jpg
untitled shoot-274-2.jpg
untitled shoot-126-2.jpg
untitled shoot-149-2.jpg
untitled shoot-144-2.jpg
untitled shoot-021-2.jpg
untitled shoot-177-2.jpg
untitled shoot-058-2.jpg
untitled shoot-292-2.jpg
untitled shoot-293-2.jpg
untitled shoot-207-2.jpg
untitled shoot-215-2.jpg