Song of the year!

I've been shooting a lot lately.  And, I love that my business has taken off and I'm getting so many cool gigs!  I especially love surprises.  Like when someone calls me up and says, "Hey, I just won SONG OF THE YEAR and need a photo for my press release ASAP!"  Yup, that was the phone call I received from my Seattle musician buddy, Justin Froese.  Of course I needed to hear the song immediately!  And now?  Well, I can't stop listening to it and asking all my friends to check it out!

The thing I really appreciate about this man, is that A.  he's one of the most talented singers, producers, and musicians I know!  B.  He's always willing to be a listening ear and a good friend to those around him and C.  He's most likely breaking out with a personal dance party which I have to admit usually turns into both of us dancing in my living room, making a fool of ourselves!  So, here is Justin; both serious and silly.

untitled shoot-001-4.jpg
untitled shoot-017-3.jpg
untitled shoot-047-3.jpg
untitled shoot-149-3.jpg
untitled shoot-157-3.jpg
untitled shoot-163-3.jpg
untitled shoot-184-3.jpg
untitled shoot-192-3.jpg
untitled shoot-197-3.jpg
untitled shoot-211-3.jpg
untitled shoot-216-3.jpg
untitled shoot-244-3.jpg
untitled shoot-250-3.jpg