Southern Christmas

 Theres no place like home, right?  Well for someone like myself who has moved over 30 times, not a lot of places really feel like home.  Home is where my heart is, and I must say, years ago I left my heart in Nashville, TN.  Home to two of my best friends, some of my favorite food, and the inspiration I tend to be seeking by the time winter rolls in.  

As I exited the plane and stood in terminal 15F, the nearby sounds of a country singer-songwriter filled the entire airport.  With great anticipation and sweet fondness I turned on my phone to text my dear friend Bekka, "I'm finally here!"

I had no idea that the next week and half would hold all that it did.  It was heart filling.  We danced, we laughed, we ate, we caroled, we created, we photographed and of course, we cried.  Thank you Bekka and Manley for opening your home and your hearts.