Cedar & Soul

a space for yoga, faith, healing, and art

"When tragedy strikes and trauma is inflicted, we become destabilized. Our physical and spiritual core must be in alignment in order to heal. Here you will find ways to restore both and begin that healing process. When your body and mind is strong enough to grow roots, your soul will soar. Feed your soul, strengthen your core."  - Megan Peters-Febuary

As a mental health therapist, I focus a lot with my clients on the idea of being an integrated self. Growing up in more of a strict conservative belief that employed a split of "good" and "bad" wasn't helpful in cultivating this sense of self and it is my true and utmost desire to invite those around me to see themselves as whole and integrated.

When trauma impacts our lives, as you well may know, certain parts of ourselves need to go "undercover."  Our bodies respond by shutting down, by splitting off, by hiding…and all for good reason.

Something as simple as learning to take deep breathes again after a recent or past trauma, can be as momentous as moving a mountain.  There's that word, "movement."  What I love about movement and about yoga, is that it connects me back to my body and to my breath.  Many times during a yoga practice you might catch a glimpse of tears flowing down a face.  Yoga provides an opening to the heart, an invitation to get to know all the parts of yourself.

A few days ago my dear intuitive and healing friend, Megan asked me if I would photograph her for her new website, Cedar & Soul.  Of course I jUMPED on the idea and together, we produced some great work out at Discovery Park in Seattle.

 I hope you all take some time to reflect on the idea of body, faith, and healing.  I will be writing monthly for Cedar & Soul's blog!  Come on over and check it out!