paths and places

Jenna + Casey

And love would come as a surprise. Found in a being full of love and light.  And he would wrap his arms around her and make her feel so safe, so seen, and so loved.

My best friend got married recently.  She was captivating.  She was fully herself, made in the image of God. She was pure delight.

I had a mini conversation pre-wedding day with Casey (husband).  He said, "I could be with someone who doesn't take me deeper, and that would be nice and rather boring.  Jenna isn't afraid to go there, to call me to more.  And yeah, it's hard to have someone ask you the hard questions, but I feel so much more alive with her."

I knew he was exactly what she needed and had been waiting for.

Love calls us to be fully present and loves us in our imperfections.

Here is their beautiful wedding in Nashville, TN.  Love you both dearly.