Trailer Park Mall?!

There is no better feeling than waking up, running to pull the living room curtains back, and there awaits tall snow covered trees!  Today was the first downfall of snow here in Seattle and I couldn't be more ecstatic to a. play outside and b.  come back inside and get under my heated blanket!

I had it on my agenda to hit up the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall.  Georgetown is just 10 miles south of Seattle.  There you will have your choice of dive bars (one which has a ping pong table) as well as wonderful cozy restaurants with delicious homestyle cooking and a few tucked away coffee shops.

My sweet friend Alexadra had invited me to check out her Macaroon pop-up shop, which she displays out off her hot pink vintage VW van!  If you live in Seattle, you have most likely seen this hot beauty around.  After showing up, I was surprised to see my friends from California all huddled under their coats and blankets.  It was 30 degree out tonight and even colder without sun! We about froze our faces off and had to keep moving around the fire to stay warm.  Good company, hot chocolate, vintage pop-up shops, macaroons for days, and some laughter to savor for later…today was a good day.