On the hunt

Christmas is by far my favorite time of year!  I'm welcomed into the experience by the first snowfall and the lights being hung in my quaint Seattle neighborhood.  Warmth is found near a fireplace, with hot cocoa and sultry tunes playing in the background.  Home is found in conversations with my best friend.  Delight is held in the small moments, that I know, will never come again.

There are Christmas parties galore, candles lit all around, concerts played by dear friends, and last but not least, a tree to be hunted down!

A few cherished friends and I decided that yesterday was the day for our Christmas tree adventure!  I believe we were all looking for "that" feeling.  The feeling of driving out into the snow capped mountains, using the saw to cut down the perfect tree for our homes, all the while, sipping on some hot apple cider.

Finding a tree is like finding a partner in life!  There are so many different styles, categories, particularities..it's really a TOUGH HUNT!  When we first arrived I thought to myself, "This will be easy peazy!"  Um, it's not.  We were there for over 2 hours, all of us walking around, laughing historically, yelling "found it" every 5 minutes.  Well, we did end up finding our perfect trees, hours later, and I think by the end we were tired and worn out and craving fried chicken.  (They might kill me for writing that last part).