Mariah Carey and Icing cookies

It's midnight and I need to be in bed, but I'm a bit wired knowing I've got to drive to Whistler, B.C. at 7 a.m.  Thank God I've got a road trip buddy coming with me!  Are you like that too just before a big trip?  I can never sleep before going international or shooting a wedding.  I start going over my packing list and making sure I've got all my gear, and then go over it again and again like a crazy person.  And of course, there is that one thing that I always leave behind.

Today my sweet friend Andria invited me over to make Christmas cookies.  Let me set this straight.  I do not know how to bake, like, at all!  So when I say "make Christmas cookies" I mean decorate the cookies that she baked.  Does that count?  

I didn't grow up making cookies in the kitchen with my mom so this was a new adventure for me. As soon as I walked into Andria's apartment, the wave of Christmas cheer swept over me like a massive warm blanket.  Mariah Carey Christmas was playing (you're welcome) and her GIGANTIC tree was beautifully adorned with gold ornaments and stars.  Andria was dressed in style with a tinge of funk (as she always is if you know her), getting all the icing together in her darling dining room while I stood there in awe of just how big this tree was!

The cookies I decorated. Not bad eh?