Coffee and Tattoos

The weather has been so random here lately!  It's been hard to count on shooting just because I'm unsure if the sun will actually show its face or not.  The upside of this, is that it opens up my days for spontaneous shoots!  By just carrying my camera around and stopping at any moment in time, I'm giving my days an opportunity for a fun surprising twist!  A lot of times, I just grab my camera and run out the door just because I know I need to shoot.  What? I'm not sure of…but I always trust the universe that it will present to me some moment that needs to be captured.

This was one of those moments.  This is my friend Allan, (a.k.a. "GJ" for Ginger Jesus).  I started calling him that years ago when I fell in love with his hair.  For those of you who have been following my blog have come to know that I have a thing for long hair on men.  Obviously the face of my website is Tyler, with his long hair.  Point made.  GJ is a aspiring photographer and filmmaker and most of the time you will find him sitting at Uptown Expresso in Belltown absorbed in books of these subject matters drinking a dark coffee and looking rather pensive.  Do not be fooled, he is not at all serious!  (Hence one of the entertaining photos I've included for you to see into his actual personality).  If you see him while walking past, stop in for a coffee and good conversation….I'm sure he would be amused.