Where is home?

Home, a word that rolls out of my mouth, always gently and with a sense of longing.  Being someone who has moved over 30 times in my life, the idea of home comes with perplexity and wonderment.  My counselor persistently enlightens me around the notion of home and with compassionate invites me to feel home within.  Where do you feel most at home?  Is it cuddled up next to your lover, laying on your childhood bed, or smelling the aroma of mom's home cooked meal?  Whatever it is, I invite you to be at home this day.

Yesterday I was inspired (after renting my favorite 50mm 1.2L lens) to photograph my dearest friend Chloe, (who is a remarkable Seattle-based life coach)  in and around her home.  The sun was shining bright and her laughter was infectious, and with these two we caught the glimpse of hope.  Enjoy