Charged with passion!

I'm SO excited to share this next set of photos with you all!  You know me, I love to edit the same day as the shoot and this shoot, I literally couldn't wait to get home and download!  This is my dear friend Sarah whom I've known for 4 years now.  Our friendship has been a slow flickering flame that has flourished into a mutual love for photography as well as a ridiculous amount of laughter (like I'm about to pee my pants kind of laughter)!  Her and her fiancé Tom went backpacking this year and journeyed  not only deeper into their affection towards one another, but also into the hearts and lives of orphaned children in a war torn nation.  I admire and respect this duo and am utterly enthusiastic to share these photos with you!  

We shot in one of my favorite parts of downtown Seattle, Pioneer Square.  It's old town brick buildings and cobble street roads remind me a bit of my time spent in Europe.  Gosh, can I just say how much I LOVE this city?!  Ok, here they are, Sarah and Tom.