Fireworks and friends

I wouldn't necessarily say I'm a "holiday" kind of gal.  I would say though, that I love people and anything or any event that brings people from various friend groups together puts the biggest smile on my face!  This year my friends Nicole and Alexandra (sisters) hosted a colorful and relaxed BBQ on Eastlake that invited us all to un-wind and de-stress from a hard week and connect with strangers from all over the globe…. all with the finest food I could imagine for a BBQ!

The macaroons you see in the photos are made daily by baker "Alexandra Greenwald."  You might have seen her "pop up stand" from out of her hot pink VW van in and around Seattle!

The barge you see in some of the shots was made by some dude that is friends with a friend of mine.  But, like who makes a barge?!  How crazy is that!?  They floated to the middle of the lake during the fireworks and well, I was a tad bit jealous…I'm not gonna lie.