Summer days

Tyler //

It's been MEGA hot here in Seattle!  I'm usually overseas for the summers so this is my first summer here!  Most days consist of meeting with clients in my Psychology private practice, then heading home to edit photos from my last shoot, and ending my day watching the sunset at Greenlake.  I'm definitely one of those go-back-to-the-same-place-if-it-works kinda of girls.  Greenlake is just such a good spot for the summer!  It's massive (3 miles round) filled with paddle boarders, long distance swimmers (the water is a bit murky, gross) and people catching up on their summer reading.  It's been nice to spend more time with one of my dearest friends, Tyler.  You all know him if you follow my blog.  Here's one of our hang outs a few days ago.  Enjoy.