Meg Stacker

Many moons ago, I worked at a swarming Mexican restaurant with some amazing women.  Between the smell of chicken enchiladas and the hustle and bustle of Seattle regulars, I met Meg Stacker.  I wouldn't have known that years later, photography would be our place of reconnection.  I began to see her stunning photography go up on social media as well as seeing her Africa Photo exhibit in one of our local galleries.  This woman is fierce and she is on the move!  Her range of what and who she is shooting is just a snippet of what you'll find when you sit down and chat over a peppermint tea.  Not to mention, she is gorgeous!  I thought it would be fun to grab her for an hour yesterday and do a fun Gwen Stefani styled photo shoot at Discovery Park!  Sometimes it's nice to put down the camera and be someone's model for a day!  Enjoy!