Carina Skrobecki

We live in a time where photography creatives are immensely inspired and producing some of the best work I've ever seen with my human eyes!  The creative fire has sparked an eagerness in me to go beyond what I have before, to create and collaborate with other photographers, and to consistently be broadening my knowledge of this art form.  I have my go-to blogs that stir up inspiration and imagination and Carinas is one of them!  I have been following Carina's design work as well as her photography work for some time now and am left speechless with the images she is able to produce.  Her work is refreshing and stunning, just as she is.  

Being a photographer, we don't get in front of the camera all that much.  We too feel quite awkward to know how to pose and find ourselves saying, "Just tell me what to do."  And then somethings happens, a shift in the photo shoot that I always  notice when working with clients.  A confidence that is birthed mid shoot and an inner beauty that is set in motion, and it shows in the images that are produced.  I asked Carina if she would be interested in photographing one another and she said yes!  We made a whole girly evening of it and had our incredibly talented and hilarious make up artist, Gaylinyet Roberts do our make up.  Here are some of my favorites from the shoot! Enjoy!