Just the Three of Us

I've never had a baby or been pregnant before, but from what I hear from my girlfriends, it's not exactly a walk in the park.  The body begins to change and make room for the little one to feel at home, all the while, stirring up an array of emotions that can leave the mom-to-be feeling untethered.  But when I see a pregnant woman, I marvel at her beauty. She will travel to many uncharted places within the span of her pregnancy.

Lately, I've been booking many maternity sessions. Having one's photo taken without being pregnant can be hard enough; being in front of the lens produces insecurity in all of us. Add pregnancy to the mix, and it can be a real doozy!  When working with future parents, I notice the importance of presence - partners' recognition of each other with patience, understanding, and care. Last week when I photographed my two lovely friends, Cristy and Jim, this love and support had never been so evident. I caught glimpses of Jim's affections for Cristy: he complimented her beauty and made sure her stomach was warm throughout the session. The nurturing love of these two is contagious! 

Thank you, Cristy and Jim, for your authenticity and allowing me to capture such sweet, sweet moments.