Jen Utley

Last year I had the honor of being interviewed for Project Girl Crush by two charming and engaging women, Jen Utley and Genevieve Peirson.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with this authentic and deeply unveiling Seattle project, I'd encourage you to check out their site

I remember when Jen called and informed me that the questions she'd be asking would require me to get well acquainted with both the goodness I know of myself and the barriers of my internal landscape.  I became nervous as I began to reflect on the latter half of those questions.

This is who Jen is.  She brings this kind of presence.  A presence that invites the other to find their own strength and boldness, their own voice.  She's fierce, but not in a bullying way.  Jen's fierceness evokes the fierce in me, the fierce that is buried underneath all the people pleasing parts of me.

On top of being a stunning writer for PJC, Jen and her business partner Genevieve manage their creative film project, Common Thread Collective.

I asked Jen if I could photograph her beautiful self in her Seattle based home.  Having done some modeling as well, Jen moved throughout her space with ease, grace, and spontaneous giggles.  Needless to say, we became friends and now you can find us curled up on her sofa with her two dogs and new kitten, sipping hot tea and bringing our real selves.


Father Daughter Love

This is year five of photographing these lovely two human beings.  I met Tod through a mutual friend and we became fast friends.  We have had many talks about what it means to be a single parent, let alone, a single father in a world where single moms are much more recognized.  I've watched him parent his way into becoming a very present father to his soon to be teenage daughter, Kimber.  

The name Kimber fits her.  She's got poise, energy, a strong sense of self, creative abilities, and well, I just love her.  It feels so special to get to know my clients and their children over the years.  It's not just about being the family photographer, as it is about being invited to join into the stories of their lives.

Here is year five with Tod and Kimber.  Enjoy.


A new logo | A new site

It has been a grim and overwhelming year with all the tragedy happening in our world.  The many deaths and afflictions have left me feeing sad, hopeless, and angry.  In the midst of all of this, I have found it difficult to blog photoshoots as they have felt insignificant in light of all the disparity.  Finding the inspiration to sit, write and blog has felt nothing less than strained and stilted. 

And yet, what about the beauty that still remains?  Is there a way to hold both tragedy and grace?   I am learning that in this world, part of our homework assignment is to wrestle in the "in between," to be in the tension of life and death, love and loss,  plenty and none, all the while, recognizing our own privilege.

A few months ago, I had the privilege of meeting a super star woman and gifted artist, Kadie Smith!  I had been following her design work for a year and was really loving the logos she was cranking out!  We met over Instagram and before we knew it, she was designing me a new logo and I was photographing her in her cozy Dallas studio with her calligrapher side-kick, Alli.

Here it is!  My new site and logo and the photos from my shoot with Kadie!