A floral god

Ok, BIG NEWS!  I am in the processing of getting branded by a most talented woman AND revamping my website!  So stay tuned for that in the next 4 weeks....

I've been waiting to blog these photos for some time now.  Last year there became a wide trend of shooting women and florals and I was extremely drawn to the idea, but I wanted to try and do something slightly different.  I collaborated with my florist, Sara Jane Camacho and we came up with the idea of photographing a male model dressed in florals.  We teamed up with Seattle make up artist, Gaylinyet to work with our model Tyler, and I must say, it was a dream team!

We decided on a theme for the shoot to help inspire us in a specific direction.  We came up with, "The Lost Boys."  We wanted to shoot in a forest and give a dark yet magical feeling surrounding our model, leaving the audience curious and childlike.

Here is what we came up with!