Jenn Elliott Blake

I met up with Jenn Elliott Blake at The Fat Hen, one of our favorite quaint brunch spots in Ballard.  I walked in and she was all smiles in her free flowing colorful floral dress. We hadn't seen one another in months and it was rather obvious by our huge grins and anticipation to catch up on everything!  The first thing I said was, "You look gorgeous and, oh my gosh, you're pregnant!"  A rather obvious thing to say, but I was so overjoyed about the news and had secretly brought my camera hoping to get some photos of her after brunch.

Jenn Elliott Blake is prop stylist.  She's worked with well known clients as well as on cookbooks across the globe.  When I see Jenn, I see simplicity and I see style.  After walking into her home, I couldn't take another step without salivating over her exquisite interior design sense.  This woman knows her stuff!  She is stunningly beautiful and lights up every room she steps foot in.  Thank you Jenn for letting me capture you in your home.