To the coast we go!

What better place to rest than this?

New friends and old friends, we all decided to take a road trip out to the Washington coast.  I had never heard of Seabrook but according to the words of my dear friend Naomi, this was quite the surreal little village.  The movie The Truman Show was filmed at the Seabrook in Florida.  Do you get the picture now?  I literally felt like I was walking on a movie set!  There are 300 beach cottages in Seabrook as well as an amazing restaurant and a few sweet shops adorning this place.

The 7 of us gathered in our charming white cottage.  (With a hot tub!)  We cooked and laughed, and stayed up sharing stories..all piled close to one another like a high school lock-in.  We walked on the beach with hot drinks in our hands and gathered driftwood and took photos.