Tonhya Wysong

follow your dreams

Yeah, It's Friday!  For the third time this week, I find myself back at Citizen Cafe.  It's partly due to the dazzling 90's playlist Nicole always chooses and partly for the Henry's scramble that is.. TO DIE FOR!   "Say it ain't so" by Weezer is playing and I'm unabashedly head banging with my new found friend/stranger sitting to my right.

I've got a slew of images from last nights shoot with my dearest Tonhya that I can't wait to share with you!

Tonhya is confident.  She's daring.  She's present.  She's UBER talented and has got following her dreams, down!  

She happens to live in my building, which means impromptu photo shoots and sweat pant hangs are always welcome!  

The more I get to know this woman, the more important she becomes to me.  Being a woman isn't the easiest.  It means always trying to feel empowered, always trying to bring our voice, and always trying to take care of ourselves rather than everyone else all the time.

I long for these types of women friendships.  Ones that continue to empower me.  Ones that continue to remind me of who I am, and ones that continue to see me, like really see me.

Here's a shoot of my dear friend Tonhya Wysong.  You can check out her gorgeous photography work here.